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When Form Follows Function


The magazine "When Form Follows Function" was made as a school project where we were given the task to make a magazine about aesthetics versus functionality. I choose to focus on what we experience while traveling on metros and subways.

In a similar fashion to subway lines, each article has been given its own unique color, coloring the entire article, pictures and all. As well as individual colors, each article uses its own unique typeface, all handpicked from various subway systems around the world.

Not unlike navigating a subway, the text is placed in unexpected positions, making the reader reorient themselves by each spread.

For headings, bylines and image description a custom typeface, Oslo Metro, was drawn based on the default typeface found on dot matrix displays seen inside and outside Oslos Metro-carriages.

The form of the cover follows the function of the title, making it no bigger than it strictly has to be. The magazine consists of 168 pages, was self-printed on a risograph in 5 colors, and bound with an open back by hand.

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