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37.24 km, 102896 hjerteslag

Creative coding

37.24 km, 102896 hjerteslag (heartbeats) is an interactive website showing 24 hours of my life through various data collected by my Garmin watch. It's my exam in the subject "Interaction" at Westerdals. After going about my day for 24 hours and collecting various types of data using my watch (heart rate, GPS location, sleep state, speed) I was left with more than 11 072 rows of data, each consisting of all data types at that moment in time, totalling up to 77 504 individual data points. Slightly overwhelmed by the amount of data, I was for some reason determined to find a solution to portray all the data and not just tiny snippets of it. I also wanted to make an interactive solution where the user would have to interact with data to get the full picture, and not just a bunch of pretty graphs.

You can scroll through the data here. (Desktop only!)

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