"Generative programs in the context of design" is the title of my bachelor project. The project is a result of an iterative experiment where I've tried to develop and concretise three different generative systems through the use of programming. The programs build on each other and get more complex through each iteration, while the still use the same basic shapes and similar rules.

You can explore the project in its entirety here.
typeface design
furniture design
grade: A
Chargo is a network of power banks available for short period rental across 9 different cities in Norway and Denmark. I was introduced to the project at the start of my internship at DayTwo in the fall of 2020. The work was done with Tina Stokkan, for the entire duration of the internship. After a rushed design process to get Chargo on the market, it was now me and Tinas turn to take our time, scratch our heads and come up with a strong new look for the app and company. 
WFFF was made as a school project where the task was to make a magazine about aesthetics versus functionality. In a similar fashion to subway lines, each article has been given its own unique color, coloring the entire article, pictures and all. As well as individual colors, each article uses its own unique typeface, all handpicked from various subway systems around the world. Not unlike navigating a subway, the text is placed in unexpected positions, making the reader reorient themselves by each spread. The form of the cover follows the function of the title, making it no bigger than it has to be. 

The magazine consists of 168 pages, was self-printed on a risograph in 5 colors, and bound with an open back by hand.
editorial design
grade: A
Made during my internship at DayTwo, Alan is an identity proposal preceding a rebrand of a business intelligence company. With a new approach, the company wanted to package its product in a less "techy" fashion. Using bold colors and typography, the identity stands out against its competitors. The modular logo is able to morph into a range of different variants and reflects the adaptive nature of Alan's tools and how those tools piece together different information into new insights.
37.24 km, 102896 hjerteslag (heartbeats) is an interactive website showing 24 hours of my life through various data collected by my Garmin watch. It's my exam in the subject "Interaction" at Kristiania University College. 

After going about my day for 24 hours and collecting various types of data using my watch (heart rate, GPS location, sleep state, speed) I was left with more than 11 072 rows of data, each consisting of all data types at that moment in time, totaling up to 77 504 individual data points. Slightly overwhelmed by the amount of data, I was for some reason determined to find a solution to portray all the data and not just tiny snippets of it. I also wanted to make an interactive solution where the user would have to interact with data to get the full picture, and not just a bunch of pretty graphs. 
interaction design
grade: B
Rolfs Sjokolademelk (Rolf's Chocolate Milk) is a fictional chocolate milk from one of Norway's most renowned chocolate factories, Hval Sjokoladefabrikk. The branding uses the first name of the founder of Hval, Rolf Rune Forsberg, to invoke trust and familiarity, and the design plays on the classic shape and branding of old-school milk jars. We created 4 different flavors: regular, dark, chili and orange, but kept the design identical with only a few tasteful accents in their respective color. The project was made in cooperation with Tina Stokkan and Steffen Silseth.
packaging design
grade: B

Hi, I'm Bendik, a graphic designer based in Oslo, currently working at DayTwo.

I enjoy attempting to combine design and code through experimentation, which from time to time leads to solutions that can be adapted to real-world usage. Even though I'm by no means a programmer and my code is best suited in a bolognese, I like to think that I'm able to see a few of the vast possibilities of designing with code.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach out at

© Bendik Lillemoen Skaalerud
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